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    Is 6.5GB rendered file size normal for a 5 second clip?




      I am completely new to AE. I watched a 20 min. tutorial on how to get started with it and then I opened a 5 second clip (27mb file I think) I already had and played around with it. I added a ripple effect to it and put an animated logo that started in the corner and moved across the screen. I then rendered it to an .avi on full quality and it took several minutes and the resulting file turned out to be 6.5GB.


      Is that normal? I'm on fairly basic ACER laptop and that kind of size probably won't work out too well for my intended purposes.


      I have mastered windows live movie maker and have made several 10 minute videos with many clips and some effects. They are mostly youth sports videos where I combine highlights from the kids and set it to a soundtrack.


      One idea I had for the hockey video is that when the kids' names are called by the announcer and they come skating out one by one from the gate, I'd have their picture, number and name scroll across the screen.


      With WLMM I could only have text pop up while this was happening and it would be a in fixed position and I couldn't have their picture with it, which would be nice since their faces are covered by a helmet and cage.


      So I was thinking I'd open the 1 minute clip of them being introduced in AE and have their faces, numbers and names scroll across and then render it to .avi and then open that clip in WLMM to go along with the rest of the videos in the compilation. But a 1 minute file it seems would be well over 100 GB. Not sure if WLMM is going to function with that.


      Thanks for the input.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          First, welcome to AE.

          Second, what's the precise version of AE you're running?  You'll find it under "About After Effects".  If it's the right version, you may be able to extricate yourself from that God-Awful Windows Movie Maker.

          Third, yes: an uncompressed AVI would be about as big as you state.

          Fourth, tell us about your laptop.  Details are estremely helpful, particulrly the amount of RAM & storage, plus the processors and OS... chances are pretty good it's not a great fit for AE use.

          Fifth, since you're brand-new, please understand that AE's not the kind of application that lets you do complicated stuff as a neophyte.  And don't trust just any old YouTube video.  Would you rather learn the basics from high school kids or the pros?  There are a LOT of basics that are prerequisite to AE success, and your path to that knowledge begins here:


          Getting started with After Effects (CS4, CS5, CS5.5,  CS6, & CC)


          Good luck on your journey.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            This should explain your initial question: FAQ: Why is my output file huge?

            Take that resulting file and drop it into Adobe Media Encoder to make something you can actually view on your machine and/or into something Windows MovieMaker can use. Alternatively, ditch MovieMaker and go with something much better-suited - Premiere Pro. Handily, Premiere Pro and After Effects work very well together if you want to add AE's magic to it. (Although, you could do the names title thing in Premiere without using AE.)


            Seriously, after you've learned how to use Premiere, you will wonder how you ever did anything with Windows MovieMaker.


            And, if you want to learn how to use AE, definitely follow that link Dave gave you. It is invaluable advice.


            Edit: I see Todd was faster, but in my defense, I typed more stuff!