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    Pre-Printed Form, But Movable


      First the preliminaries:


      My setup and tools -


      - Windows Platform

      - Acrobat XI

      - LiveCycle Designer ES4

      - InDesign CS6


      We have a 1 page, preprinted form that we need to overlay with formfield data.


      I took a spec PDF of the form and adjusted in within InDesign.  I saved the PDF, and opened in within LiveCycle Designer.  I created all of the form fields that were needed for the form, and saved the PDF as static.


      I use vb and a jso to first open a new copy of the PDF and then fill each field.  Then I open the filled PDF and I print the form fields only.




      Different printers print the form fields in different locations.  I always choose "Actual Size", but when our different offices print to the different printers, there are slight variations in the x and y placement of the fields (left to right and up and down).


      I envision a pair of fields (one for x and one for y) that do not print, but contain a number that specifies a correction factor, and causes the fields to move together.  How can I effect a solution the most closely matches what I am looking for?


      Thank you.