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    Is there no way to re-link all files on a drive at once? Lightroom ask to "combine folders" instead?




      I would like to relink all the photos in my LR5 catalogue to a new drive to which I have copied all the items using Finder (and not from within LR unfortunately).


      When clicking on the exclamation mark next to the "missing" photo with "Find Nearby Missing Photos" checked, I can relink all photos in that folder. The same is true if done through the folder pane to the left. But when trying to relink several folders at once, like e.g. when selecting the main 2014 folder, it only says that the folders are already recognized and offers to "combine" them and offers no other re-link alternative. Relinking each folder manually would be too time consuming and I am sure there has to be a way to do this since it was possible already in LR3 (and probably before that).

      What does "combine folders" mean in this context and how would I go about to solve this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.