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    Cutting off image??



      Hi, I recently had a new machine installed with a fiery, I have been using PS before with my old machine again using fiery, the problem I have is when I send a job though PS the job is printing off centre thus missing the right hand side. When I send the job not using PS the job prints fine. If I move the image manually I can print the image correctly (buy unchecking centre in position and size area of the print driver) but don’t really wont to have to do this every print I have also checked the image on the fiery once the image has been rasterized and you can see the margins are out?? Has anyone had a similar problem I would love to know? I have also printed the file on a different machine (same model and fiery) which printed ok so I archived the file with the job ticket from that fiery and installed it onto my fiery and it printed fine so I really cant see where I am going wrong is any one could shine some light on this problem that would be much appreciated.