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    Issues nesting/displaying buttons on interactive pdf


      The document I'm trying to create is a map of the world. Throughout the map I've placed buttons. When one of these buttons is clicked, in the left hand corner there's a box that will contain information about the location where the trigger button is placed. Each trigger shows/hides 3 buttons that make up the box+data about the location.The way I set up the actions for the trigger buttons is that they would show the 3 buttons inside its specific group and at the same time, hide every other button on the document so they could be clicked in any order.


      I originally had 8 layers, one for each continent + the world map. Each layer contained groups of 3 buttons and then the trigger button for each locale (5-10 groups per continent). Currently the buttons for Australia, Asia, and half of Africa only hide the data from the trigger before it, but it won't show its own group of buttons. Is there a max number of buttons I can have on a document? Or is there a certain way I have to nest the buttons?