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    Workflow problem?


      Hi guys,


      So I just ended up driving across North America, and recorded the entire thing with a GoPro Time lapse.


      My workflow was as follows:


      Encode timelapse using Gopro Studio into AVI files with color correction, (high setting) @ 4000x2150


      This created avi files that were about 28GB/6 minutes. Obviously excessive, but I had the hard drive space to lug around.


      I've now imported all this into Premier and have stitched it all together with transitions et etc. I'm encoding into H.264, 3840x2160, Target 30.35 Max of 37 Mbps, going for a 4K youtube video.


      My machine has an 8350 "8-core" running at 4.7 Ghz, and 16 GB of ram. Files are all on a local spinning harddrive, and adobe running off a SSD.


      Render time for 30 seconds of video is 1 hour, which means for my 2.5 hour video, that's about 150 hours of encoding. (CPU usage is at around 40-50%)


      My question is why is the encode so slow? Is it the scaling of 4000x2150->3840x2160?

      I've noticed that GoPro studio is much faster at this, however quality does suffer when converting that AVI->MP4. (goprostudio)


      Are the Gopro encoded AVI files too big, so there is a lot of compression that has to be done?


      Why isn't CPU usage higher?


      Any advice for making this process a bit computationally easier for next time?