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    can't get PDF2ID Add-on to work.


      I purchased the Add-on PDF2ID for Mac, and installed it using InDesign Extension Manager.

      It is in Extensions Manager listed as PDF2ID Lite 4.0.1 Recosoft Corp.

      InDesign has Recosoft as one of the dropdown menus. I click on it and I get the following error message:


      PDF2ID cannot detect the PDF2ID folder. The folder has been moved from its previous loacation.
      PDF2ID requires that the files in the folder to operate. Please locate the PDF2ID folder from the dialogue that appears. (2002)


      I have not moved any folders. Then this dialogue appears,  Locate the PDF2ID application folder.

      I did a search, there is a folder PDF2ID.InDesignPlugin that contains Versions and Resources folders as well as a "grayed out" Unix Executable File. That doesn't satisfy this request either.

      And now I'm stuck.


      Gregg Fisher




      Mac Pro |  OSX 10.8.5 | Adobe CC

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I think you should be asking this of Recosoft tech support...

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            PrePress101 Level 1

            kglad & Peter,  I did download this Add-on from the Adobe Add-on page, but I understand, now the inquiry is in InDesign community, fine.

            Recosoft has received my request for help, and I will post their reply to me here.

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              PrePress101 Level 1

              Following up on this PDF2ID problem.

              I did get instructions from Recosoft and the plug-in is working fine.

              The problem was that the trial version I had used was clashing with the PDF2ID plugin.

              If anyone has this same problem, please email Recosoft at info@recosoft.com.

              I must say, the plug-in has been saving me steps.



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                I wish you had actually included the directions to fix the problem.


                I am running into the same problem, but I did not install the trial version of anything. Everything is fully paid from the vendor (Creative Cloud from Adobe, and PDF2ID from Recosoft). Yet the install fails with an alert saying "The folder that has been selected does not contain InDesign CC Application (Installer 3215)" when it in fact does. I also tried adding a symbolic link:


                $ cd /Applications/Adobe\ InDesign\ CC\ 2015/

                $ sudo ln -s Adobe\ InDesign\ CC\ 2015.app/ Adobe\ InDesign\ CC.app


                $ ls -l

                total 1112

                drwxrwxr-x   3 root  admin     102 Jun 19 16:31 Adobe InDesign CC 2015.app/

                lrwxr-xr-x   1 root  admin      27 Jun 24 14:36 Adobe InDesign CC.app@ -> Adobe InDesign CC 2015.app/


                Still fails.


                I did send a request for help to Recosoft. But my goodness, what a fail!

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                  DavidSmythWestlawn Level 1

                  Just got this response from Recosoft:


                  Every major release of InDesign (CC 2015, CC future edition) breaks all existing plug-ins and PDF2ID is no exception. We are going to be releasing a new version of PDF2ID in a  couple of days that works with InDesign CC 2015. We have many other users with the same issue.


                  Wow! Sounds like an inherent problem with the InDesign plug in model.

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                    Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                    For better or worse, this has been an intentional part of the design of InDesign since day 1. Plug-ins for InDesign 1.0 were not compatible with 1.5 and 1.5 plug-ins did not work with 2.0.


                    For better or worse, the rationale behind all this was that given the number of changes in the internals of InDesign, if existing plug-ins were allowed to run without some effort on the part of the plug-in developers to retag the plug-in and test with the new software, users could find that the old plug-ins might in fact misbehave with the new software version.


                    FWIW, Adobe does provide prerelease versions of InDesign and other Adobe products to developers with plenty of time such that they can release updates simultaneously with Adobe's release date (which they are aware of).


                    That having been said, production users of any major software that is dependent on third party plug-ins such as the Recosoft plug-ins, XMPie plug-ins, or any of the font managers would be prudent not to rush out immediately and update InDesign before ascertaining that all third party products that are supposed to work with InDesign have released their updates and that they work without “issues.”


                                - Dov

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                      Paul Chadha Level 1

                      I represent Recosoft. We have just released PDF2ID Standard/Professional v4.5 (couple days ago) that supports ID CC 2015. PDF2ID is a very complex tool and we have to ensure that it operates with InDesign CC, CC 2014 and CC 2015 as many users still work with ID CC, CC 2014 (even if CC 2015 is available). We really appreciate your patience. We are updating ID2Office at present to work with CC 2015 also and should be available within 4-6 weeks.

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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        Thanks for posting, Paul.

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                          johnf76405211 Level 1

                          Paul, what is the update process? I purchased PDF2ID from the Exchange not long before CC2015 dropped and cannot find anything on updating in the Exchange or on the Recosoft site.


                          Thanks in advance -


                          EDIT: Got a reply by email: there is no way to upgrade through Exchange. Well, that doesn't exactly encourage anyone to use Exchange, now.