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    How can i make a "filling effect" on layers?


      as you can see, in the "catch me if you can" opening title sequence, the written appears like "filling".. do you know how can i have this effect on any layer?


      Catch Me if You Can Opening Title Sequence - YouTube

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Animate liquid in whatever way you prefer. (Many ways to do this.)

          One way is to use some of the wavy distortion effects on a solid to get a wavy rectangle and then animate the position of it layer.


          However you do it, use as a track matte for your text

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            Dave LaRonde Level 7

            On ANY layer?  Video, too?  It's doubtful that's what you really mean.

            But if you're talkin' about the stems of the letters that grow, make them the way you want to finally appear in Illustrator, then use a track matte to reveal them in AE.  Option 2:  animate solids or shapes to grow the stems of the letters -- in the example you show, black would be a good choice.


            There are doubtlessly several more ways to do this I haven't even considered.