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    Is Lightroom a viable tool to manage video assets for Premiere Pro?

    John R Lee Level 1

      I'm trying to determine the easiest workflow for cataloging and importing DSLR video footage for my video productions.  Generally, I simply drag my video footage from the memory card over to my RAID array and store the footage in a subfolder named after the date it was shot.  I'd love to be able to use the metadata features of lightroom to help catalog my vast library of footage.  Currently, the only way I have it organized is by date and then by Premiere Pro project.


      Does anyone use Lightroom for video cataloging?  I know it is possible, but I have found little info on whether this is a common workflow. 


      I'd like to avoid using a different third party cataloging system, so if any of you are using lightroom for your premiere pro cataloging I'd love to hear your advice.