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    Composing in Premiere with banding. In After Effects without. What do I wrong




      I made a composing in Premiere Pro CC 2014. A jpeg that shows a stage and an effect that gives me some smoky feeling like being in a jazzclub. The Effect is BCC Stagelight.


      In addition I added the Effect BCC Spotlight.


      So in After effects it works ok. But in Premiere Pro it shows some ugly banding.


      The sequence settings are in Premiere Pro DNX1080p  - Video preview is DNX 185 1080p 25 - Codec is DNxHD... Configure is grayed out

      Max. Render Quality and max bit depth are checked also Composite in linear color. Resolution is full


      In After effects the composite settings are HDTV 1080p 25. Resolution is full


      What do I wrong in Premiere Pro??? So it would be much more easier to edit it in Premiere, because I have to insert some photographs that shall match the rhythm of the music.


      This is a bit annoying in After Effects


      Thank you for any advice










      Premiere Pro with banding


      After Effects without banding