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    Liquify Cursor disappears when Saving and Loading Mesh (CC 2014.2.2)




      I'm using Photoshop CC 2014.2.2 for Mac on a perfectly built hackintosh (Yosemite, i7-4770K, GTX770, Intuos5 L, 32Gb RAM, 2 monitors).


      The arrow cursor disappears randomly when dragged over the Save Mesh or Load Mesh dialogues. It's not that the arrow cursor disappears completely. Actually, instead of switching from liquify cursor to arrow cursor as it should, it stays a circle and I can see it behind the save/load mesh window. In order to make the arrow appear in front of the save/load mesh, I have to move it out of it, and carefully move it back in. If I drag the save/load mesh window to an area of the screen clear of the liquify filter window or to my second screen, the problem goes away.


      Also, when liquifying, the cursor is a little laggy, like at a low frame rate and behind my pen. I can liquify with no problem, but I can't remember if this is the way the liquify cursor behaves now that the it is GPU accelerated.


      All these problems go away if I disable "use graphics processor", but that's a no go for me. I have tried both OS X Default Graphic Driver and NVIDIA Web Driver, but it makes no difference.


      Any ideas?