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    Flash player update installation on Mac OS

    MAC OS FlashPlayer Update

      Mac Mini, OS X 10.9.5,

      Web browser: Mozilla Firefox 34.0.5


      I have down loaded the latest version for Adobe Flash player (AdobeFlashPlayerInstaller_16_ltrosxd_aaa_aih) for Mac. After initializing, downloading files, etc ... finalization requires all open browsers and DashboardClient be closed.   Okay, so it's clear open browsers need to be closed, but stopping DashboardClient cannot be done.   Mac OS auto-restarts the application each time it is Quit using Activity Monitor. 


      Why does Adobe require my DashboardClient to be closed ?  I do not have any widgets running in Dashboard that utilize Flashplayer.    The installation does not complete and I am now seeing Firefox warnings about possible issue with an outdated Flash player version, and is disabled.


      This is not a new issue, as each previous attempt to install the update, results in the same message and non successful update.