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    How do I import RAW images to Lightroom Mobile

    Colin Begg

      I've recently joined the Creative Cloud with a view to finding a mobile and desktop solution to managing my 433Gb photo collection currently on local drives.  I also need to be able to go on holiday and import photos using the Camera Lightning Connection Cable for iPad to get RAW photos from my Lumix GF6.  I've tried the Apple iCloud Photo Library and it fills my iPad memory before I've a quarter of the photos imported to the cloud.


      When I try it with Lightroom Mobile, it can see the RAW photos (they show up on the little icon in Add from Camera Roll), but clicking on the icon only shows the JPEGs currently in the Camera Roll.  What can I do to import them (and get them in the Adobe Cloud when I have a mobile signal).  There is no desktop at this point, imagine I'm on holiday (wish I was!).



      Colin Begg