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    Working around bogus top-level folders in catalog

    johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

      I have a catalog originally created on Mac and then moved to Windows, and it has two poison top-level folders that cause various SDK methods to fail.  For example, they cause catalog:setActiveSources({folder}) to have an assertion failure. 


      For one of the folders, folder:getPath() returns nil. For another of the folders, folder:getPath() returns a Windows UNC file path that doesn't exist. I discovered this heuristic for identifying these bogus folders:


      function isValidTopLevelFolder (folder)
          local success, f = LrTasks.pcall (function ()
              return catalog:getFolderByPath (folder:getPath ()) end)
          return success and f 


      I've already provided this catalog to Becky Sowada of Adobe, following up on a bug report in the feedback forum. But I thought this work-around might be of usefulness to others someday.