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    Inserting Special Help Topics into HTML

      We are migrating from WinHelp to HTML (using RoboHelp X5). In our existing WinHelp project we created a number of Special Help Topics (and selected HTML Help - this opens the New HTML Topic window). What we have been able to achieve is we've selected a pdf file to insert (not an HTML file), and then associated a Map ID with the topic. Then when compiled and the software is run with our .hlp and .cnt file and the appropriate help button is clicked, the help opens but the pdf is "embedded" within the help topic. I.e. the pdf does not call Adobe and open the file outside our help window.

      There are other instances where we just create hyperlinks within the document, and when the link is executed, it again just opens the pdf within the help window.

      Is there anyway to open a pdf within the .chm window using RoboHelp HTML?

      I have tried to import the pdf (via File - Import), but I would like each pdf to be contained within a single topic, but instead it extracts the text and puts it and all the page breaks, footers, etc. in. There's no time to go through each pdf to format it so this doesn't seem to work. I'd really like something similar to the old WinHelp... it looks like an Adobe file embedded within the topic.

      Any help would be appreciated!