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    repeating thumbnails and more!


      on a chat for 45 minutes, 2 simple questions and NO resolutions.  Who is on the other end of the support window???!!! 

      Hope you are well.  I have 2 questions.



      1)  How do I turn off repeat thumbnail in the timeline.  I rrememberin the past, there was the image of the clip at the beginning of the clip, not on the entire clip (repeating).



      2)  When I drag an adjustment layer into the timeline, it creates it as one frame (and I have to zoom WAY in to use it).  How do i change that to make it larger (more frames) when i drop into timeline?



      Thanks for your time!!!!


        Devendra: have you repeated the same image in the timeline multipletimes

        Billy Surf: 

        Billy Surf: no - its just one clip

        Billy Surf: but the image is on repeat

        Billy Surf: i remeber i turned it on months ago - but cant find a way to turn it off

        Devendra: Please allow me to take the remote access of your computer, so that I can troubleshoot further accordingly.

        Billy Surf: ok

        Devendra: Please tell me which operating system are you using? What is the version of the system?

        Billy Surf: windows 7 64 bit

        Billy Surf: serive pack 1

        Devendra: please download and install this link

        Devendra: Please give me id and password

        Billy Surf: ********

        Billy Surf: ********

        Devendra: repeated frames thats there in the video cannot be removed

        Billy Surf: not in the video - only on the preview

        Billy Surf: i want to see a thumbnail at he beginning of the clip, not rpeated over and over

        Billy Surf: it makes it hard to see the end of the clip and beginning of the next one

        Devendra: Ok

        Billy Surf: it is possible because thats how it was before

        Devendra: Try another clip

        Billy Surf: still does it

        Billy Surf: there was a setting in a previous version but its not there anymore

        Devendra: This is the normal behavior of Pre pro

        Billy Surf: ok.

        Billy Surf: next problem - can i show you the adjusment layer thing i was talking about

        Devendra: Ok

        Billy Surf: basically when i drop it into the timeline, i is only one frame too small to see unless i zoom way in. it used to be bigger (more frames)

        Billy Surf: watch.....

        Billy Surf: id like to be able to see it when zoomed out

        Billy Surf: hello

        Billy Surf: would it possible to escalate theses issues. I have to get back to work and w'eve spent a lot of time on this (getting nowhere)

        Billy Surf: I have to disconnect. Thanks