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    Problem with creating .vpe file in Photoshop for use in After Effects




      I'm running Adobe Photoshop CC (2014.2.2) and Adobe After Effects CC (2014.2) on a Macbook Pro 10.9.5


      Everytime I import a .vpe file (which I create in Photoshop) into After Effects and open the composition the result is distorted and not correct.


      This is a front view of the composition, as you can see Photoshop seems to chop up the images incorrectly so I assume it's something I'm doing wrong in Photoshop?


      Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 00.47.11.png

      Original test Image:




      I have tried this a number of times including with different images always getting a distorted result like this. I also tried doing it before I updated to CC 2014 and it did the same then. Any suggestions of what this could be? When I apply the grids to the image they are all in line, denoted by the blue colour that they turn, so it can't be an alignment problem (I don't think).


      Thank you