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    LR Preview Error


      after importing imamars ges to LR5, occasionally when previewing the images using the slider at the bottom the images will change in tone (brightness, hue, saturation, etc). Before clicking the image, everything is correct. After clicking th image the image changes the above criteria. Please help.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Lightroom takes its' time to render the previews with the "Adobe Standard".

          Your very first visual impression is the JPG version created by the camera and embedded in the image file, and "everything is correct"- by the camera!

          After an import, LR goes through each image and creates its own preview version- you will often see the images change. Now "everything is correct"- by Lightroom.

          This is then your opportunity to edit in Develop mode and alter the image so "everything is correct"- by YOU.


          Also if you have imported with preview size set to "minimum", any full-screen view or develop function will need to re-render a more detailed 1:1 version, and you may see the "Loading" sign appear momentarily.