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    Anyone who has updated to v5.7.1, will you check the Aperture plug-in version?

    photo-enthusiast Level 2

      Did Lightroom 5.7.1 ship with a new version of the Aperture Plugin?


      As a current licensed owner of Photoshop CS6, I'm not interested in a Creative Cloud subscription until I can migrate my Aperture library to Lightroom, and subsequently begin using Lightroom. 


      Plugin v1.0.1 (aka 1.0.987068) that is distributed with Lightroom 5.7 leaves metadata and previews in an undesirable state.


      I've tried the Lightroom trial, but 30 days was not enough time to get Adobe's attention, let alone get an issue fixed.


      Not sure, but I think Help->System Info is how you can check the plug-in version, in addition to the version of Lightroom.