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    Can't Move Objects, Can't Uninstall CC


      I'm running Adobe CC on Mac OS X Yosemite. I've got variations on the same problem, but the main thrust is: I can't move objects.


      More detailed: I booted up InDesign this morning and started working in it. All of a sudden, I couldn't move any of my objects. Can't resize them, can't drag them, nothing. So I look up the issue and this is an ongoing problem apparently. I have done the following:


      • Held down Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Command before the launch screen to delete preferences (didn't work)

      • Manually found the Preferences and Caches folder and renamed them (didn't work)

      • Uninstalled Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, then reinstalled (didn't work)

      • Restarted my computer after doing the first two (this worked for five minutes until I opened a browser window, and then the problem was back.


      The next step I would've taken is uninstalling CC and all the applications, clearing the software, and reinstalling everything. Except now I'm being told I can't uninstall CC. Because it's in use. When it's not.


      Look, Adobe, I like the product. But this is bulls***. I've done everything everyone on every message board has done to solve the problem, and it hasn't fixed this. I need the CC in order to maintain job performance. I also need to use the Internet at the same time. This shouldn't be hard.