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    Hyperlinks and Flashpaper

      Is it possible to retain hyperlinks in a SWF file? I have a publication where email addresses and web addresses are set up as contact details from Indesign. This layout is then converted to PDF where the interactive links are maintained and remain active once the PDF has been created. However once the PDF is converted to a Flashpaper file these interactive links are lost and become text.


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          I have been having the same issue with documents being created from Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
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            You can retain hyperlinks in the SWF or PDF. I find it works best in PowerPoint, but should work just as well in Word. The key is to NOT use the File>Print method. Instead of using FlashPaper as a printer, you should instead use the FlashPaper button within PowerPoint/Word.
            If you have some text that is formatted as a hyperlink then it should carry over using that method.

            If you have no idea what I'm talking about, take a look at the menu bars at the top of PowerPoint, (File Edit View Insert...) there shoul dbe one that says FlashPaper, in between Slide Show and Window. Exporting to swf/pdf in this manner maintains hyperlinks.