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    Crashing and Sound problems


      I have some problems with the new version of Flash Player.

      First when ever I tried to watch videos it would occasionally cut out the sound. So I reinstalled it, but now it crashes whenever I open a page with a video. And I mean it crashes 4 times a minute!


      I have a older Windows OS (not sure what version)

      I use Firefox 34

      And the Flash Player I'm having trouble with is 16.

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          I found if you remove the Adobe NPAPI file from the Add/Remove Programs it should stop the issue. Granted, some video files on some sites will not be playable, but its a minor issue that should be fixed soon, if Adobe even knows that this is happening.

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            deesorceress Level 1

            Could you possibly give me instruction on how to do that?

            I should've mentioned how I don't know that much about Flash Player other than how to install it.

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              MapleINF Level 1

              its usually the same for most windows from XP to 7. Start->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs. when that list loads, there should be a file name "Adobe Flash Player (xxx) NPAPI (blah blah blah)



              just click on that file and then uninstall.


              If you are worried about messing up your computer and files, dont click on anything else and there shouldn't be a problem. this fix worked for me with Windows 7 and the latest updates.