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    Retina... how do you get 1:1 !?

    joshcali Level 1

      Ok, I've seen lightroom is supposed to work with retina.


      It was my understanding that no matter what your resolution was, lightroom would give you actual pixels when using a Retina in the display module in 1:1 mode.


      So here's my question


      Why does the 1:1 change when I scale resolutions?


      1:1 pixels should be the same whether I'm running the display at 1440 px wide, or 1920 px wide because the underlying pixels don't change.


      but when I scale the display, it scales the 1:1 display and more or less of the image shows up at 1:1


      so how the heck do I get it that it actually displays pixels at 1:1?