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    Clipping Indicator Strangeness Back Again ???

    MikeKPhoto Level 2

      Since updating to the latest version of ACR 8.7.1 an anomaly with the black clipping indicator has returned. Example, open an image in ACR make a slight adjustment to exposure and highlights, now make open up the shadows, and the black clipping indicator magically appears or if the indicator showed clipped shadows the clipping indicator increases. Should it either remain the same or at least slightly reduce the clipped areas?  Adjusting the Blacks to reduce the clipping works, but should the clipping indicators be accurate. Happens at all levels of zoom within ACR.


      I know Eric worked on the earlier problem that was resolved - was an issue where a dark area was adjacent to a very bright area.


      Camera in question - Nikon D4 and using Process 2012 with the Standard Adobe profile