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    Blurb print from Lightroom seems to be 150 ppi, how can I fix it?


      I uploaded a small book directly from Lightroom to Blurb and when I received it, the print quality was atrocious.


      I've been going back & forth with Blurb support, but they don't seem to be able to answer my question.


      I did a bit of troubleshooting on my own by saving the project as .pdf and .jpg rather than exporting it to Blurb.  The .pdf and .jpg exports look fine and print fine at home. 

      As an experiment, I tried reducing the ppi on the .pdf export to 150.  This .pdf looks a exactly like the books that came from blurb. 


      Customer support has offered to re-print the books, but I'm concerned that I will get the same product unless we change something. 


      Has anyone encountered this problem before?

      Does anyone know of settings (print, pdf export, etc) that impact the Blurb upload from Lightroom, or is this entirely on Blurb's side of things?


      Should I just punt on the direct Lightroom export and upload the 300 ppi .pdf to Blurb?