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    Real World X99 5960X 4.4ghz, 36MP files & Lightroom 5 - ~1.09sec JPG Export

    karwaiwesley Level 1

      Hi All,


      I've been trawling the net for the longest time since the X99 was launched. There wasn't really real world LR performance results I could find, so I am sharing this info with the community here.


      I  am a professional photographer, formerly trained as a systems analyst so I am keen with pc/mac hardware etc. I was torn between a new MacPro or setting up a new PC. I did some research and ended up with a PC. Here are the specs for the new PC: Intel 5960x 4.4ghz (8core), Rampage V, MSI 980, Cosair H110, CosairAX1200, Corsair Carbide 540. Running Intel SSDs (old ones). Old PC was an i7 960 3.9ghz (4core)


      I kept my old SSDs (they were still working) and transplanted them over to the new system. Hence, SSD speeds were the constant in the experiment.


      36MP file export to JPG using 3 process stacking method: ~1.09sec (about 100-160% faster than the 3.9ghz 4core)

      1:1 preview generation: ~1-2sec (maybe about 10-20% faster)

      Browsing 1:1 previews: <0.2sec (about 100% faster)

      Other stuff like sliders etc: About the same speed as the old machine 3.9ghz.


      The CPU was maximised during the file export, all CPU threads were firing. However, the 1:1 preview was as expected likely no optimised for multithreading. Browsing was surprisingly fast, likely due to the X99 architecture. That said, I was not very disappointed with the results as I read that LR wasn't multi-threaded much (I saw the CPU % usage in my old PC) but found it interesting that most operations weren't affected much.


      I hope this short review will be helpful to folks in their search for 4/6/8 core machines.