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    Select LUT using Lumetri video effect

    wannabemekon Level 1

      A question regarding applying the Lumetri effect in PP CC 2014. I drag the Lumetri effect (NOT one of the Lumetri looks) onto my clip. In the Effects Control panel I click on the little button that allows me to adjust the effect and a standard mac "open" dialog box opens to select he LUT. However, since all the LUT files (the .ixt and .cube files) reside within the Premiere application, they cannot be opened via this dialog box. To even see them in the finder one must ctrl-click on the PP application icon and select "view package contents" to be able to navigate to the folder with the LUT files. This cannot be done from within the Lumetri dialogue box when applying the effect.


      My solution was to duplicate the finder folder with the effects and move it higher up in the directory to reside at the highest level of the Premiere application folder. Then I can access the LUTs from within Premiere.


      Two questions:

      One, is this solution going to cause problems?

      Two, what am I doing wrong to need this workaround in the first place?


      I hope my explanation is clear.


      Obviously, this is on a Mac. Using Mavericks. 2013 iMac.