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    why my images are loosing resolution no matter what i do?


      Hello friends,


      I hope you can help me with this as I feel like I tried everything... I m fairly new to indesign so Im still learning.


      I am making a portfolio with my work (im an Artist), not to be printed but a digital portfolio so that I can send it via Email to professional contacts.


      I started the layout by choosing the web type document and the size of A3.

      The problem I am encountering is that some of the images I place loose much of their resolution. no matter what I try, they still loose resolution when compared to the full screen option of the same image when I open it o preview. so basically the same image on preview full screen, is loosing resolution on the full screen option of my pdf portfolio. there is to be said that my images are all saved as JPEG's.


      the things that I tried doing so far:  i I have always used 'place' and not cut and paste. I was looking at the effective PPI and the original PPI, and indeed those images that loose resolution jevae a lower effective then original.

      my question is hoe best to treat the various images so that they will get their full potential on my portfolio which is composed of many images of different resolution?  should I change the layout format? maybe A3 is too big? on the other hand, I would like to have the images full screen when viewed, the same way you can see them full screen on preview, but still in good resolution.


      Any help would be so highly appreciated as I am loosing so much time trying to figure that one out...