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    How to really, really, really install Flash player plugin in Firefox?

    pxstein Level 1

      After having visited some webpages (with Firefox 34.0.5 under 64bit Win7)  in the recent days I was informed that a new Flash Player version was released and prompted if I want to install it.


      Unfortunately I clicked "OK" and the mess started....


      After some more installation starts with reboot and restarts of Firefox the new Flash player is still NOT working.

      When I look in TaskManager then I can see several started but not finished installation processes. Have a look at the following snapshot:

      2014-12-18 07_53_49-Windows Task Manager.png

      How can this be?


      Why does the installation procedure not check if there is already an open, unsuccesful, unfinished installation process.

      How can users resume the first installation process?


      How can users find out whats the bottleneck witht the previous installation processes?


      How can users cancel the previous installation processes? Only by hard kill in TaskManager?


      Is Adobe really not able to provide a working installation procedure?


      and finally: How can I really, really, really install a Flash Player in Firefox (and Internet Explorer)?


      Very disappointing.....