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    disabling text field on base of checkbox values


      1. I have 1, 2 or three checkboxes and textfield. Textfield should be enabled/editable if there is selected let's say 1 checkbox, and locked/not editable when is selected one of other checkboxes. Is it possible to do? If yes, how to do it?


      2. I have some collection of checkboxes, and I want to limit possible selections to 2. How to do it?


      Is there any possibility to add on_change event handler to checkboxes?

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          On the MouseUp event of each check-box you need to test its own value and that of the others and based on that enable/disable the text field.


          Same goes for limiting the number of selections. You check the values of the other fields and if 2 are already checked then you set the value of the field to "Off" in the code. You might want to inform the user in some way, though, or it will appear strange to them.