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    NetError 1 returned when trying getNetText

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      I have searched all of web for the problem we're having and have not gotten

      We're using getNetText(URL) to retrieve a result from an ASP script. Our
      program is a Windows Projector using Director MX 2004, and have not had a
      problem for a number of years until this week. One of our customers is
      reporting receiving a Net error value of 1. Although this error is
      undocumented, several sources on the web say that it is returned when a
      local address specified in the Net command is bad. However, as you know,
      getNetText does not specify any local addresses, rather the projector uses a
      temporary location to store the results. After further investigation, it
      appears that the Projector uses the TEMP variable and uses the path
      specified there for temporary storage of the returned file.

      Looking at the customer's TEMP path, the resulting file actually did make it
      to the computer!!! It just did not make it to the projector!

      One other piece of information, this customer is using a Proxy Server (have
      not had any other customers using Proxy Servers). We use the ProxyServer()
      command to specify the URL and Port number for #http, and it seems to be
      working okay since the ASP file is properly accessed on the web server, and
      the resulting text makes it all the way back to the TEMP directory on the
      computer. Only the result does not make it to the projector. As I said,
      we're using Director MX, and the xtra we're using for Netlingo xtra dated
      9/8/2004 that originally came with Director MX. We wonder if there is a
      problem with this version of Netlingo xtra and the use of Proxy Server.

      Does anyone know what might cause this problem? Any help is greatly