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    Importing extruded logo with colour as a 3d object into Ae. Please help

    Nathan Litjens Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am currently pulling my hair out with trying to import a PSD file of an extruded logo from Photoshop CC into Ae.


      I have searched around and discovered that a direct import as a 3D object is no longer supported, so apparently the solution is the included C4D lite add-on. This has been the source of all of my frustration.


      It refuses to import the logo in the PSD format, only displaying it in the "picture viewer" but never in the workspace. OBJ format loads in the picture space but with none of the colors.


      I need the original colors and 3D shape in Ae. Can C4D do it without much hassle? Saving an illustrator path to re-extrude and color in C4D is not the answer either.


      Thanks for your help


      - Nathan