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    CF11 licensing - Virtual Machine - vCPU and CPU




      I read some questions here forum, considerations of the number of processors (virtual or not).


      My understanding:

      - Each license CF11 STD supports 02 CPUs

      - My virtual machine is configured with 4 vCPU's (no core's). In this case, I am considering for licensing "4 CPUs."


      My scenario:

      - Virtual machine with 04 vCPU.

      - This virtual machine, run a site in Coldfusion and another site in .NET.

      - I would like to license only 02 CPUs because my site in Coldfusion needs few processing resources.


      My question:

      1) If I buy 01 license Coldfusion 11 Standard (02 CPU´s), I can install on a server with 04 CPU´s and configure ColdFusion to use only 02 CPUs? Is this possible?


      Thank you very much.