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    XML and Flash search engine

      Need some backup over here people....
      I started a search engine in flash for a small 15 pages website,and in these cases I think it's best to create an XML file as a database... I need to say that I am a beginner in using actionscript and Macromedia Flash as I used other software before...
      here is the progress so far:
      Search engine
      and here is the XML file to get an idea:
      XML file
      and the actionscript:
      Actionscript TXT
      Actionscript PDF
      there are some words in Romanian in the search engine link, as I requested some help on a forum but no luck... but the idea is to enter one of the words in the ""...
      so... now to the problems:
      1).I need to compare the VAR entered by the user in the search box with the DESCRIPTION from the XML, what I was able to do is to compare if they are equal, that means you need to enter the exact description to get a result, what I need to obtain is for example to enter "goo" and still get the result for GOOGLE, or "gle" or whatever...
      2). I also need to use the search button as a trigger and also the key ENTER, I was able to do it but not together, it was either ENTER or the button, I need to specify here that the function from the onRelease command of the button is a very complex one.