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      I am currently shut down by Adobe. I can't use any products on the Creative Cloud. Adobe has had a gun to my head for the past 7 days and just pulled the trigger. I am currently unable to work. I have used 3 credit cards with Adobe on this account and all have failed at some time over the years that creative cloud has been in existence with one having to be terminated because of the hack issue. I've spent 3 days with Adobe support this week and now I'm on my fourth day of several hours each day trying to get this solved. It started on December 12th when my auto payment wasn't accepted and I received an email to please update my payment information. I checked and nothing had changed and just re-entered the same correct information. The cloud apps still worked but I was getting the dreaded countdown timer. On December 15th I had 27 Days left. On December 15th on another machine I had 26 Days left. On December 16th, I didn't get the countdown timer on any machines. On December 17th, I had 25 days left. Then after speaking on the 4th day with Adobe Support (800-833-6687) and being assured that everything is fine, ignore the timer, your payment has gone through and been accepted, I received an email from Adobe Creative Cloud that my Creative Cloud membership has transitioned from Paid to Free. What happened to the 25 days I had 4 hours ago? That made me have to call Adobe Support again that day and listen to another agent (names are available if needed) tell me that everything is fine your payment has gone through ignore all emails and messages. I will check back with you tomorrow to make sure all is ok.


      December 18th - TODAY MY CREATIVE CLOUD ACCESS HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN. That means none of the Adobe applications will work. All that happens is the Application Manager opens with the countdown timer two big red 00's saying "Please Check Your Billing Info." anytime I try to open an Adobe application This means nothing works. I can't perform any business design functions. NO ACCESS TO CLIENT FILES ON THE CLOUD. Supposedly you have 30 days to take care of billing problems. I went from 25 days to 0 days in one day. Shutdown. The Adobe Customer Service Agent has not called back yet today. By the way my bank paid Adobe $53.14 on December 15th. Adobe also charged a temporary authorization on December 17th of $1.00. It's very hard to keep my true feelings suppressed about the past 6 days events.


      Thanks for the special holiday present Adobe.