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    Synced AI library content not appearing in Draw's Libraries


      I've seen a couple versions of this question on here but neither have really been answered:


      The short of it is, I'm synced on the same CC account between my Adobe Draw app and Ilustrator CC, both latest releases, and I can successfully send to Illustrator, etc.


      What I can't do is access the content of my Libraries in Draw. I can _see_ the libraries I've made, but they appear to have 0 Shapes inside of them.


      There's a range of things I've tested - outlined shapes, simple geometric paths, even just a plain ol' triangle - to see if there's only a certain kind of content that will import.  But I haven't found any information about this online.


      How do I import assets from Illustrator into draw? Just putting them in my library and syncing them isn't making them available to use inside the Draw app.