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    problems downloading edge inspect


      I have downloaded adobe edge inspect cc on my computer and the creative cloud says it is up to date and the icon is on my toolbar and it says it is open but does nothing. When I try to connect the adobe edge inspect plug in I get the message: cdnewhire 1, waiting for a connection. I want to view my captivate projects in inspect but for some reason edge inpect is just not working.

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             Did you install all the application components required? Please follow these steps to get it up and running.

          • Make sure your computer and devices are all on the same wireless network.
          • Start the Creative Cloud desktop app and login with Adobe ID.
          • Ensure that port 7682 is not blocked by any other application e.g. firewall etc.
          • Start the Edge Inspect application on your computer. Click on the Inspect icon and check whether your Adobe ID is displayed in the menu. Also, start the Edge Inspect apps on each of your devices.
          • Let the devices discover the computer via Bonjour, or manually connect them by entering the IP address.
          • Enter the passcode for each device in the Edge Inspect Chrome extension to perform a one-time pairing process, then begin previewing and inspecting.

          For details you can refer to this document: http://www.adobe.com/inspire/2012/12/web-designs-edge-inspect.html


          Please let me know in case you need more information. I will be happy to help.