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    Offline Installer for Enterprise Use?

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      I manage updates for our VDI environment. Among those is the Adobe Flash Player for IE. We are currently deploying version 15.x and would like to move to 16.x. Some recent security policy changes no longer allow background download and stub installers, which makes on the fly update and install of images within networks affected by this policy a pain. What is the process for obtaining an offline installer for the current versions of the Flash Player?


      From the main download page with the online installer is this page:


      This FAQ suggests that an application for licensing of distribution is necessary to obtain a current offline installer that can be used internally with our org (for policy distribution with AD, manual one off installations, etc - we're currently in the process of setting up SCUP so we can deploy cabs but are not there yet.)


      I have gone through this process and am currently applied, verified, waiting for consideration by Adobe. I wanted to asked what this process looks like for those who have gone through it, what the required upkeep is for new versions, necessity to edit number of distributions if we go over, etc. Will I need to go through this every time a new version comes out? Will the software become available under my applied account at the Adobe LWS or does this process stand outside of LWS?


      Apologies in advance for seeking clarity on this. I did attempt due diligence to RTFM but am still left hanging on a few of these items.