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    ID5.5&6 Resize delay in Yosemite has caused production to come to standstill


      recently I brought into a production of about 25 mixed OS 10.6.8 and 10.9.4 Xeon Mac Pros and i7 iMacs two additional iMacs running Yosemite 10.10

      When the graphic artists who need these systems work on shared InDesign pages the redraw (with multiple layers) is measured in an unresponsive system for at the very least 5 - 10 minutes as opposed to seconds on all the other systems not running Yosemite.


      there are 8 iMacs in the area, all with i7 3.5GHz., GTX 775M 2GB Nvidia cards, 16 GB RAM (directly from Apple)

      Six of them are running Mavricks where this slow behavior simply does not happen., the other two are on OS 10.10.1 where it does. All these computers were unboxed and Adobe CS 5.5 was installed along with the 2014 Java, there was no image involved.

      I am able to reproduce this slowness on the 2.26GHz. Dual Xeon 8GB RAM, 512MB Nvidia, OS 10.10.1 system [see "i have tired the following]" using InDesign CS6


      Upgraded to CC is not an option since I'm not budgeted to upgrade 25 macs on a $500.00 a month cost cycle for the foreseeable future, but I am seriously looking at going to Windows and keeping 5.5


      I have tired the following:

      Verifying permissions on the Macintosh HD

      Copying the document to a new document on the desktop

      Re-saving the document as a new document to reset the meta-data

      Shutting off all fonts that are not needed.

      under Display Performance

      turing down the display settings in InDesign to "Typical"

      under Preference>Interface:

      unticking all features under Cursor and Gesture options

      unticking all features under Panels

      Setting Hand Tool Performance to minimum (Better Performance)

      Live Screen Drawing is set to Delayed (or None; neither helps)

      Turned pre-flight off all documents.


      all these features are currently running on the systems with Mavericks and they respond quickly even with all of them enabled.


      Is there some way I can downgrade these systems to mavericks or has anyone seen this and found a fix?


      These brand new systems are being outperformed by the 5 year old mac pros they are replacing.