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    New provisioning profiles not recognized and crashing flash pro!!!

    caco_chapira Level 1

      Its been one week, since new provisioning profiles from apple member center
      or edited old profiles wont be recognized anymore!!!


      if you donwload or use old ones , it will work well, and your app ID will be displayed ex: com.yourcompname.yourappname


      but using new ones or changed, nothing gonna happen. the field will be blank!
      if you try press ok after that, your flash will crash, and your wont able to open iOS air settings again, unless you delete your

      last provisioniing profile your have just tried to place, and delete the xml manifest file  too,. and restart flash.


      NOW, we are stuck! we cannot complie new apps at this moment!


      ADOBE and APPLE MUST fix this issue ASAP!
      I have talked to apple and guys are investigating!Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 3.42.40 PM.png




      now you can see my simulation of bug, using a old one that works and a new one that bugs!