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    Premiere elements does not recognize Blu-Ray disc, says media not present.  Under 12 I was able to record 3 blu-ray dvds using the same burner and discs I'm trying with 13.  What is the problem?

    jerry9146 Level 1

      I installed PE13 and cannot burn blu-ray DVDs.  I was able to burn 3 blu-ray DVDs using PE12.  When I select DVD from the menu it recogniazes that it is not a stadard DVD as I get an 'incorrect media' error message.  It will burn standard DVDs of the same video using standard DVD mefia.

      What is going  on here?

      When I loaded PE 12 back on the computer I cannot load a file created with PE13.  Looks like a format change?  Can I convert file back to PE12?

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