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    Map is not enabled in your country (which is US)


      I installed the lightroom in US, but it says "map is not enabled in your country".

      Language of Lr is Chinese, but it should not be the problem since the message still exists after I re-installed it in English.

      Things I tried:

      re-install Lr

      re-install Adobe Flash Player

      Update Windows

      Use VPN

      Close firewall

      All didn't work.

      When I try to switch map style, the program do successfully connect to Google server. I can see lightroom.exe connected from IP[My school in Santa Barbara CA] to[Google's server in Santa Clara CA]. I tried to use ping command on this IP, everything is fine.

      So WHY it keep telling me map is not enabled in my country?! (Of course in "my country" Google disabled map because I'm from China but I'm not in China now!)

      The only reason I can come up with is that "Adobe can somehow find out where the computer is bought or where the people sitting behind the computer is from and disable the map". I believe Adobe is not likely to do things like that.

      If people from Adobe can see this discussion, please tell me how Lightroom detect the country. I will do anything I can do to enable that map.