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    Which Mac should I upgrade to if I am a Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign user, with a little iMovie thrown in?


      I've been using a 24" iMac (originally purchased in mid-2006) to do graphic design with Adobe Creative Cloud, primarily Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator. I am also starting to do some very ametuer video prep (like iMovie) etc. With just Photoshop and Indesign alone, what is the minimum Mac I should upgrade to, if I am still concerned about performance, but budget and mobility could come into play too? For instance would the 13.3" Mac Book Pro with Intel Graphics be sufficient for doing my usual print design, with a little iMovie thrown in? At that price, I could afford a big display to plug into when I am at my office desk.


      I like the idea of mobility (which I haven't had before with the big iMac), but don't want to notice a horrible lag in performance if I get a weaker machine. The guy at PeachMac said that when it came to display the Retina (in the Macbook Pro, 13.3 in edition) made a high difference despite the lack of a dedicated graphics processor. I don't do heavy-duty, memory-intensive graphics work but about once every two years anyway, and my iMac only has 2GB of RAM to begin with. I just want to make sure that true designers who have switched from older iMac machines to Macbook Pro's (not the most expensive models) didn't regret it when trying to run Photoshop, et al.


      (My absolute budget is "no more than $2,000" which is why I am considering the new iMac vs. the MacBook Pro 13.3" and getting a nice external display.)