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    In Premiere Pro CC 2014 How can I export a Quicktime that has 7 separate audio tracks containing 8 channels (both the 5.1 tracks and a stereo pair)?

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      I need to export a Quicktime that contains 7 separate audio tracks. The first 6 are for the 5.1 tracks and the last one is for the stereo pair (from 2 channels). I created a sequence in Premiere Pro CC 2014 that has 8 standard channels and lined up my audio tracks. The first 6 are committed to the 5.1 tracks and in the Audio Track Mixer I assigned channels, then toggled the odd tracks to left, and the even ones to the right. I wasn't sure how to create a single track for the stereo tracks and tries a bunch of different things. I also tried a bunch of different export options (7 track with separate mono tracks), including ones in which I exported only the stereo pair but it never sounds right. What am I doing wrong?


      Any help you can offer me would be greatly appreciated.