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    [Locked] Cancellation Fee and Auto-Renewals!!

    cupcake87 Level 1

      After dealing with Adobe Customer Service for 3 days now, I am beyond frustrated and upset.


      I was encouraged to start a Creative Cloud Membership by my professor at my college. The student membership is a great tool to allow these expensive products to temporarily be used at a lower price. This was in October of 2013. I used CC through my college career, after the first year, the price went up from $19.99 a month to $29.99 a month. I didnt receive a notification that that would happen, but I had been a customer for a year, I chose to let the price increase go. I continued to use the service, until I finally graduated this month, Dec 2014. I now don't have a need for CC, and I dont have much money, or a full time job, so I decided I would cancel my account.

      When signing up, I was under the impression that the membership was, like most leases, 1 year of student subscription, with early cancellation fees, then month to month after the first year. This seems like the perfect plan.

      However, when I chose to cancel my membership after 14 months, I was told I would have to pay $130 fee for cancelling. The plan wasnt month to month as I had expected, Adobe had Auto-renewed without my permission or any notification.

      Two days ago, the person from customer service told me he could not waive the cancellation fee but he could downgrade me to the photography plan that is $9.99 a month (down from my $29.99 a month). Not knowing what else to do at that point I said yes.

      I looked through my email for the confirmation/notification that the Adobe customer service person told me they sent and there was nothing. At no point around my one year mark in October did I receive any communication that my subscription needed me to renew it or that it would be auto renewed. There was nothing.

      I also found this forum on Adobe's website with many people echoing the same chain of events that I'm currently going through. Adobe is not sending out these "end of subscription" or "auto-renewal" notification emails, but they are trapping you in another year long subscription without any communication from the customer.

      When I called customer service today to share that there seems to be a pattern with many customers being trapped in a creative cloud subscription that they no longer want or cant afford, I was eventually told they would cancel it without fee, but would not refund the charge for the photography plan that I was talked into that I was charged for today.


      This is a terrible business practice. Adobe clearly has many great products, Creative Cloud being one of them. There is no need to tie customers in with auto renewed subscriptions that keep them from leaving. When I planned to cancel my subscription, I though that at a time when I needed the services again, and could afford them, I would re-subscribe to Creative Cloud. Now I dont think I will ever agree to any contract on an Adobe product. If this is how customers are treated, why would I enter into this again. I would have encouraged anyone to sign up for Creative cloud, because the product is great. Now, as an Art and Design graduate, I'm planning to spread the word to my alma mater and my friends in the art and design community that the subscription process and contract are a nightmare.


      Adobe doesnt need to trap customers in auto renewing subscriptions! When I had called to cancel,  If I had been told "Im sorry that you want to cancel, we are sorry to see you go, and hope you come back", I would be much more open to remaining an Adobe Creative Cloud customer. I truly hope that Adobe changes its membership policy, making it easy for customers to use the subscription the way they want. Until then, Im afraid that I am done using Adobe products.

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          Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

          I had read the mail with great intensity, I understand that you are not feeling very great about the incident. I shall certainly convey this sentiment of yours to the concerned team .


          Hopefully Adobe shall be able to bring more smiles to our users.




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            cupcake87 Level 1

            I received a refund for $10.70 ($9.99 +tax) a few weeks ago, but the $32.15 (29.99 +tax) that was also to be refunded has not been credited to my account. I called one week ago today (1/13) and the customer service representative told me the amount had been refunded on the 7th, and to watch my bank account for it. It has now been 2 weeks since the January 7th, and I still i have not received the refund. I would like the status of my refund checked, and responded to.

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              Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

              The amount of 27.99 $ has been credited to VISA card ending with XX50, please check with the Bank related to this account, do let me know in case of any issue.




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                olgab63064541 Level 1

                Hello Rajshree!

                I would like to submit a similar complaint. Which the forums are full of.

                I barely used the product even during the initial subscription year for which I paid a lot of money, so I did not want to renew. Therefore January this year I have checked my account everywhere - there was no such option as cancelling auto renew. I could only cancel my subscription altogether - but that made no sense to me due to the cancellation policy. So I assumed if the option is not given, then when it comes to it - I will be requested to confirm it in some form. Then a few months later my subscription was prolonged automatically with a higher fee and was charged monthly from my account! Unfortunately for me I also stopped checking the email account I used to subscribe as I changed my email address after getting married and changing my last name.

                When I called support after some hesitation they agreed to stop the subscription effective this month. But I was refused any refund for half a year worth of payments-which is almost as much as I paid for the first full year in total!

                For something I did not need in the first place. I talked to 3 different representatives on the phone and in chat and they found all sorts of reasoning not to refund, although it is absolutely clear that many users experienced same issues and there is a flaw in the way this service is delivered.

                One of them said that I should have guessed that in order to disable this function I need to call Support, the other one even went as far as trying to convince me that I could cancel the auto-renew in the profile, which obviously is impossible. I found this to be very upsetting, same as the author of the original post.




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                  Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

                  Hi Olga,


                  Sorry for the late response,


                  The CC purchased on 04.04.2014 is suspended as no payments could be recieved for the month of October.


                  You will not get charged any further.




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                    olgab63064541 Level 1

                    Hi Rajshree,


                    unfortunately your comment doesn't answer my question.

                    I am aware that I will not be charged any further. However I submitted several complaints regarding the auto renew and I would like to be reimbursed for the 6 extra months I was charged for. I know reimbursement is possible judging by this thread and I am sure there is a way for your colleagues to check that I actually did not use or access any of the services beyond the initial term. The only time I accessed my CC account in the last months is when I recently found out that Adobe kept charging me beyond the initial year.


                    I have submitted complaints with Adobe Care on Twitter as well and will continue with further social media until I find justice.

                    This very forum is full of similar complaints dating as far back as 2013. Adobe is well aware of the misunderstandings that the current system leads to! If it didn't fix this in the last 2 years, then the company should at least reimburse those, whom it puts through all this trouble and stress. Cancelling a subscription altogether (the only option available in the interface) and refusing the auto-renew is not the same thing! One can not be expected to guess that Adobe has mixed both things into one!


                    Please help me get to the bottom of this!



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                      marlenen18357759 Level 1

                      I am also very frustrated by this and you seem very kind! I was never aware of a subscription fee. I have called, tweeted, and messaged! and nothing has happened. It just keeps going into circles. If they keep charging my card, I have no money to fund the card, therefore my account will be overdrawn. please fix this!!

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                        jo2iut305 Level 1

                        I got them to waive my fee today. Same issue. Keep complaining, but watch some TV while you chat with them, because it will take a while. Call the credit card company to dispute it.

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                          dallins88939376 Level 1

                          You think that after so many people get pissed off at Adobe that they would finally change their business practices, but they just get more deceptive. Any normal person would read the renewal notice (seen below) and think that the membership details apply to the renewal rate. Not until you read in the fine print does it say that they renewal rate is a monthly rate. Once I realized (while reviewing my bank account in the second month) that I was being billed monthly, I immediately got on an canceled the subscription, that I can't afford, only to be slapped with a huge cancellation fee. This is a deceptive bait and switch.


                          As someone who's career has been in advertising and creative services industries, I definitely would have returned at a later date to use Creative Cloud, but I can assure you that I will not be doing business with Adobe or subscribing to any of their services in the future (which is a real shame, because a number of them are quite good). If I do business with someone, and I'm constantly worried about how I might get stabbed in the back, it's likely a good indication that I should not do business with that person or company. Looks like adobe is not one of the companies that can be taken at face value.


                          The saddest part about this, is how many times I have helped Adobe by answering surveys and recommending their products to friends. I can say for sure that if I am unable to resolve this issue, Adobe will have most definitely lost an advocate and gained an adversary. At this point I plan on filing a complaint with the FTC, Get Gephardt, the BBB, posting to Adobe's social media channels about the issue, and fighting the charge with the credit card company.


                          I sure hope I am able to get this resolved.




                          Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 1.00.48 PM.jpg

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                            nc78701853 Level 1

                            I also contacted Adobe customer service to cancel within a month of signing up for Stock after taking advantage of the offer to try it "risk-free within the first month. The customer service chat told me that I only had 14-days to cancel, which is not what was stated in the offer and also absurd considering there was at the time no way to cancel online but only by contacting customer service over the phone at limited hours. I spoke with a customer service representative over the phone who offered to waive the termination fee and cancel my service, but he never sent a email confirmation I requested and I am still being charged. I called again on Friday to speak with another customer service representative who offered not remedy to the situation and was not able to connect me to supervisor but offered to arrange a call back for today. I never received the promised call from a supervisor!


                            I would also like to note that the option to cancel through the website (which was not available when I first attempted to end my "risk-free" subscription in the first month) now offers to waive the termination fee if you continue with free service for two months—does this mean that I will not pay a cancellation fee after the end of the two months of free service? If so, why can't I just cancel now and have the fee waived? The customer service representative with whom I spoke on the phone was unable to provide a satisfactory answer. Again, Adobe seems to represent a confusingly worded offer that seems to intentionally misrepresent how the plan works.


                            I would like to have my plan cancelled, the termination fee waived and the two additional months for which I was erroneously charged refunded, but Adobe's customer service is impossible to contact, keeps no notes of previous correspondence and has no follow-through. I'm thoroughly disappointed and will never use another Adobe product again.

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                              Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

                              I have replied to your PM as well, it is documented in CS Case : 0218494972.




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                                quicknss Level 1

                                Yes I have this exact same issue. Not only has adobe support been incredibly unhelpful, there is now a approx $95 cancellation fee in order to get out of paying the $29 per month.  This has left such a terrible impression on me about adobe valuing their revenue over customer satisfaction that I have spent many hours trying to get the fee refunded.  If I can avoid it I will never use an adobe product.  Fortunately there are many new viable alternatives.

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                                  RitaGeraghty Level 1

                                  Same here/ I'm exactly in the same boat as you. I am still getting bills for any software I no longer have. I have long ago uninstalled Flash and have never downloaded Animate CC. I didn't renew any subscription because we weren't offered any option. Look photo below. No Abode softwares on my PC.

                                  Photo of Adobe.png

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                                    quicknss Level 1

                                    I would like my recent cancellation fee refunded. This disgraceful to have to pay a fee to cancel service that is too expensive to maintain.  I cancelled 2 days ago and have been calling customer service daily until the fee is refunded

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                                      RitaGeraghty Level 1

                                      Quicknss, you should see this video below. Adobe is really doing everything to prevent us from cancelling subscription.

                                      I didn't even renew my subscription and I was going to 4 months ago, when my annual subscription was supposed to expire in January this year, but it DIDN'T expire. I was going to renew few months later, but seeing that my subscription was EXTENDED by 4 - 6 months. I thought that as wrong. I am now put off by Adobe's aggressive business manner.


                                      Adobe Will Do Anything to Stop Creative Cloud Cancellation - YouTube

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                                        quicknss Level 1

                                        I am sure there is material here for a class action lawsuit.  I was auto

                                        renewed and then did not want to pay for service after a few months at full

                                        price so I cancelled and then because I was in a new one year billing cycle

                                        I was charged a cancellation fee.

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                                          RitaGeraghty Level 1

                                          I am going to broadcast my complaints at Youtube. I think we should all boycott Adobe and warn others, until Adobe improves its services and show some respect to customers.


                                          Here is the recent news.

                                          Paris 8 University has dropped Photoshop because of aggressive greed by Adobe.

                                          Adobe's Photoshop Ditched for Krita at French University Due to Lack of Support


                                          Goodybye Photoshop.

                                          Hello Krita.


                                          Goodby Animate CC.

                                          Hello Opentoonz.


                                          Goodbye Illustrator.

                                          Hello Inkscape.


                                          Must I go on and on?

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                                            kirstenr89229727 Level 1

                                            My year-long student plan expired two days ago and, just like you, I didn't receive any email about auto-renewal. I saw immediately that I was charged a $32 charge and, confused, I tried to cancel this as I am a student and can't afford $32 a month. And of course the only way to cancel was to pay a $150 cancellation fee because of the ridiculous auto-renewal.


                                            I spoke with customer service for TWO HOURS being transferred around, and for the entire time I was told there was nothing they could do and I had to pay the $150 fee, even though the auto-renew JUST happened and I hadn't received an email warning me of the auto-renew. My customer service representative refused to help until I showed him this forum, and THEN he tried to talk me down to the Photography subscription, just like you experienced.


                                            I told him that was insane because people on this forum were able to have their cancellation fee waived, and all he could offer me was a reduced Photography package?


                                            So he finally consulted his manager and told him the situation, and then magically I was able to cancel the subscription without a fee. BUT IT GETS BETTER. Since it JUST auto-renewed three days ago for the first time, I paid $32 for a months worth of Adobe Creative Cloud that I'm not not able to use. But because of the situation with early cancellation, the subscription is cancelled effective today, so I lose $32 without any sort of refund. So now I wasted another $32 on Adobe which they won't refund.


                                            Really awesome Adobe, feeding off of students. I really hope you're proud of yourself. My brother is in the design community in NYC, and you bet I am going to tell him to let everyone know of how awful Adobe is. This is no longer a company I support. I used to idolize this company, and after today, I can't stand the thought of it and will never use their products again.

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                                              quicknss Level 1

                                              yes still no refund from adobe no matter how hard I fought. Just use all the other photo editing suite out there that are as good as illustrator and photoshop. Adobe's service is below any reasonable level of quality. It is terrible.

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                                                gregoryb7403154 Level 1

                                                I canceled my account the day before I was scheduled for renewal; however, Adobe cc renewed my account the following day despite my cancelation. This is a purchase I did not authorize, and I need to be refunded for this fraudulent charge to my account. I live overseas, and I have been unable to get into contact with anyone from the Adobe CC team to Handel this problem. Therefore, I am posting my issue in this forum. Please fix this issue. Thanks.

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                                                  Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

                                                  Hi Gregory,


                                                  I see an active plan started on 02 May 2016, I also see an year old plan too.


                                                  Do you wish to get this order cancelled & refunded, please let us know. You may send a personal message to me also.


                                                  I can always follow up.




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                                                    gregoryb7403154 Level 1

                                                    I wish to get the plan that automatically renewed canceled and refunded please. I am no longer interested in Adobe CC. Furthermore, I do not want to pay any cancelation fees since this plan renewed after I had already canceled my old plan. Thanks for your time and help.

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                                                      Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

                                                      It has been taken care of, details are in private message.




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                                                        jayda808 Level 1

                                                        I had a similar thing happen to me!

                                                        I signed up for the $9.99 photography plan last January when i'd really needed Photoshop and Lightroom, and just this past January I called to cancel my membership (being that I would no longer have any time to use the programs) after being on the phone for a while the representative I was speaking with offered multiple deals to make me want to stay but I declined and just wanted to cancel already.  He said my plan had been cancelled.  And about 30 days later I was charged AGAIN, for a program i'd not even touched since the phone call.  I thought maybe I called to late and it will cancel the following billing cycle?  Nope, here I am in May ($50 later) still being charged, my plan automatically renewed even after i'd specifically called and said I don't want it.  So I decided to just cancel it myself, and a $40 cancellation fee appears!  I am so fed up with Adobe right now, PLANS SHOULD NOT AUTO-RENEW that is a poor feature especially for those of us who have 0 use for the programs...

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                                                          Haegely Level 1

                                                          I bought the suite for school with the help of my professor not knowing about the locking of the year plan. I am no longer in school and barely making bills, so I speak too a representative and they tell me that the fee for cancellation is $90! I have absolutely no money on hand to pay for the cancellation. The representative offered me 2 months free to waive the cancellation fee, but I do not want to wait. I just want my account cancelled and no more charging. That's it.

                                                          • 26. Re: Cancellation Fee and Auto-Renewals!!!!!
                                                            Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

                                                            I have refunded the last charge, apologies for this charge, I have also made sure that you are not charged in future.

                                                            CS Case : 0218576550.





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                                                              dallins88939376 Level 1

                                                              I have still had no action on my original request/post. When I plan to receive my refund?



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                                                                gregoryb7403154 Level 1

                                                                I have not received a refund, yet. When can I expect to see my refund reflect in my bank account? Thanks for your help.

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                                                                  tetra422 Level 1

                                                                  I have been extremely frustrated with Adobe's shady auto-renewal practices. My account was auto-renewed in February 2016 without any email notification. The bill increased from 19.99/month to 29.99/month and I was never notified of the price increase. When I noticed this bill increase on my credit card statement, I called Adobe to inquire and see if I could cancel the service. I was informed that I was now locked into another year's contract at this new increased price, and that I would need to pay an exorbitant fee ($150 or so) to cancel the subscription. So, Adobe locked me into another year's contract with a 30% price increase without ever notifying me. This seems to me like extremely shady business practice. On my several phone calls to Adobe they repeatedly reminded me that I agreed to these terms and conditions of a year long contract that would be auto-renewed. They also told me incorrectly to "check my email" for the auto-renewal notification from Adobe and I had never received anything. The Adobe reps seem like they don't even know how their auto-renewal system works and how slimy it is. I have never dealt with a company that does not remind its customers when their contract will be auto-renewed and give them an option to reconsider, especially if the price is changing.


                                                                  Furthermore, in my conversations with Adobe in March 2016, the customer service rep told me that the only way to stop the charges from Adobe would be to dispute the charges with my credit card company. I did this immediately and my credit card company refunded me the increased charges from Adobe because they understood that I never agreed to increased monthly charges. I had to get a totally new credit card number in order to avoid future charges from Adobe. However, I now get monthly calls from Adobe informing me that my payment information needs to be updated (because they still have the old cancelled credit card info). I just received another call today from Adobe (3 months later) requesting new payment info. I informed the rep that a previous Adobe rep had recommended that I dispute the charges with my credit card company, and this new rep told me that they should not have recommended that and Adobe will continue to charge me.


                                                                  What is the best way forward? I want my account cancelled but I think it is wrong to pay such high cancellation fees when I never agreed to have the account auto renewed at the increased price. It seems to impossible to deal with Adobe on these issues. I am extremely surprised that they are not being investigated for a class action lawsuit on this issue as many on this thread have also suggested.

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                                                                    ross.libby Level 1

                                                                    Hello, I have a very similar issue:

                                                                    I purchased a 1 year Adobe CC membership for a friend last year (March 18, 2015). It was auto renewed this year without me knowing anything about it. Adobe charged me in full and refuses any refunds. My friend has not used his Adobe CC since long before the first year I purchased had ended. I am myself a loyal Adobe customer and pay for my own Adobe CC membership. I would really appreciate it if they'd not charge me for the fact that my friend forgot to turn off auto-renew on a product he never used.


                                                                    Thank you, I'll look forward to your response!


                                                                    - Ross

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                                                                      victorx86194151 Level 1

                                                                      Had the same issue. They are trying to trap the customers. Look at Netflix's practice, thats how customers should be treated. I paid the cancellation anyhow and don't think will ever use Adobe's service or recommend it to anyone, instead, will write up something & warn people about Adobe's subscription practice. (I.e. high monthly payment and crazy cancellation fee, auto renewal of ur contract and no option of opting out of the service without paying them a big fat cheque)

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                                                                        J&J Design Level 1

                                                                        Just went through the same issue while trying to cancel my Creative Cloud that auto renewed automatically. I noticed the price increase so I logged on and was surprised to see the sub was renewed for another year. Contacted Adobe customer support and was told Id have to pay half of the whole years price minus one month as a cancellation fee.



                                                                        Students may want to stay away from the Creative Cloud plan. I purchased to start learning graphic design but having a baby in the last year changed my situation. I could understand if I waited till midyear to cancel but its just the end of the first month of autorenew. I decided to keep the plan rather than pay that fee, maybe someone I know could find use with it.


                                                                        My advice is to stay away from SAAS models like this. They are made to take advantages of businesses and corporations but can get out of hand when dealing wit non-professionals. Buy Standalone versions of software and you cant be auto-renewed and charged high fees to cancel.

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                                                                          chanelg85186596 Level 1

                                                                          The same thing happened to me it auto renewed into a more expensive price.  Though I kept mine for a couple of months before I downgraded to the photography plan, but I was charged for both plans once it was time to pay.  So for the last 3 weeks almost a month( the payment was on 5/3/16) I have been trying to get my refund for 29.99 and every time I contact customer service they say we cancelled it and you should get a refund in x amount of time. Never got cancelled, never got a cancellation email, and never got my refund. I mentioned canceling it myself to them and they said don't do it you will get charged a cancellation fee.  So I decided well they were lying this whole time they are probably lying about that too and what do you know I finally decide to cancel it myself and I have $0.00 charge for cancellation fee. Also after I cancelled it I got a cancellation email right after btw.  Now I just want my $29.99 back cause this was ridiculous.

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                                                                            drTas Level 1

                                                                            I too am very upset about this, I have a team membership with a 15 day cancelation window, and no notice whatsoever!


                                                                            I realized this on day 18 and the support wanted to charge me $300 to cancel.


                                                                            I have been a loyal Adobe customer since PhotoShop 4 in the 1990s,  but these criminal buisness practices of trapping us into a lifetime contract are untenable!


                                                                            I have been very upset for over a week now and i will sadly be saying goodbye to Adobe forever!

                                                                            • 35. Re: Cancellation Fee and Auto-Renewals!!!!!
                                                                              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                              Report the $300 Adobe penalty charge to your credit-card company as a fraud and see if you get it back.

                                                                              • 36. Re: Cancellation Fee and Auto-Renewals!!!!!
                                                                                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                                Also post a message about 18-days=$300 on Twitter, tagging @Adobe and @AdobeCare and see if you get any positive attention.

                                                                                • 37. Re: Cancellation Fee and Auto-Renewals!!!!!
                                                                                  drTas Level 1

                                                                                  Thanks sspengel, but i refused to pay that in the first place. I have canceled my subscription though my credit card company. What upsets me most is that it is a forever goodbye. I signed up for creative cloud the very first day it came available.  If they would have just canceled it without trying to trap me with there auto renew clauses, i would have left happy and came back with a new subscription in a couple months.

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Cancellation Fee and Auto-Renewals!!!!!
                                                                                    ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                                    So what was your situation where you've have CC subscription for a couple years, then decided to trial something and got charged $300?  Why not just keep your CC subscription?

                                                                                    • 39. Re: Cancellation Fee and Auto-Renewals!!!!!
                                                                                      drTas Level 1

                                                                                      Because $69.99 per month takes food directly off my table. I mostly only use dreamweaver for writing HTML/CSS/JS.  There are a number of free alternatives available,  and i have no problem falling back to my photoshop cs6 for the graphic stuff. Was nice to have Illustrator and the video/audio tools available when needed, but I would rathet eat than have a bunch of tools I rarely usd.


                                                                                      Everything would have been fine if they just let me cancel and come back with a smaller plan.


                                                                                      Actually everything would have been fine if they sent out some prior notice that the subscription was close to renewing and the price was going to close to double from $39.99 to $69.99.


                                                                                      I guess they sneak in enough people with these tactics to maintain there bottom line. Im not sure how sustainable that is going to be as they are alienating more and more customers.

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