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    Drop shadows published to HTML5 aren't drop shadows

    random(1) Level 1

      Flash Pro

      Windows 8.1


      When applying a drop shadow to an HTML5 display object, the ‘Distance’ property defaults to zero and the Distance control in the Properties panel is disabled. Because the distance is zero, the resulting effect is not a drop shadow – it’s a glow.


      I can see no reason for disabling the Distance control because CreateJS’s Shadow class has properties for X and Y offsets. And if you change the Flash-generated JavaScript from this:


      this.text.shadow = new cjs.Shadow("rgba(0,0,0,1)",0,0,2);


      To this:


      // Set x and y offsets to 1 pixel

      this.text.shadow = new cjs.Shadow("#000000", 1, 1, 0);


      …you will see a proper drop shadow.


      Is there any way to modify the CreateJS files included with Flash Pro CC to at least change the default X and Y shadow offsets to a number greater than zero? It would save me a lot of time on a current job.