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    MailDoc() Adobe XI Pro


      I am new to this and have search endlessly it seems, but I have created a form via formscentral.  It has been saved to my PC so that I can manipulate the form a bit with Javascript.


      Currently I am trying to add a button that emails the partially complete form to a group mailbox where someone will open, complete and officially submit the form using formscentral.


      I get the following error:


      RaiseError: An unimplemented or obsolete function was called.

      Doc.mailDoc:1:Field Submit to QC:Mouse Up

      ===> An unimplemented or obsolete function was called.


      I have been working with code posted on another forum and manipulating it to work for my instance, no luck.


      // This is the form return email. It's hardcoded

      // so that the form is always returned to the same address.

      // Change address on your form to match the code below

      var cToAddr = "formsAdmin@BigCorp.com"


      // First, get the client CC email address

      var cCCAddr = this.getField("ClientEmail").value;


      // Now get the beneficiary email only if it is filled out

      var cBenAddr = this.getField("BennyEmail").value;

      if(cBenAddr != "")

      cCCAddr += ";" + cBenAddr;


      // Set the subject and body text for the email message

      var cSubLine = "Form X-1 returned from client"

      var cBody = "Thank you for submitting your form.\n" + "Save the filled form attachment for your own records"


      // Send the entire PDF as a file attachment on an email

      this.mailDoc({bUI: true, cTo: cToAddr, cCc: cCCAddr, cSubject: cSubLine, cMsg: cBody});



      Any help is appreciated.