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    How to trigger a refresh of a dropdown list when the selection is changed

    Russ Ward Level 4



      This is a general ExtendScript question, but since I'm working with FM, I'll ask here first. I have a bit of a paradox here and I'm not sure of the best way to handle it.


      I have a dialog box with a dropdown list, where I want to refresh certain controls when the user changes the selection in the list (dropdownList.onChange). This includes refreshing the contents of the list itself. However, the problem is, as soon as I try to refresh the list contents, it triggers onChange again. So, if I put the call to refresh the box within the onChange handler, it results in an endless loop, because my refresher function triggers onChange when it refreshes the list.


      Does anyone know a better methodology, where I can safely trigger a refresh of a dropdown list within the list's own onChange event handler? I really wish that onChange was reserved for a user action only, or there was at least some property to that effect.