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    How can you create a button master that can be unlocked but where edits to the master will affect all buttons?


      I'm creating a course calendar (January - December) for an organization and courses are repeated several times throughout the year. I've been asked to create this as an interactive pdf rather than as an interactive Indesign document that can be viewed via a browser, so I'm unable to use multi-state objects


      Anyway, I've created button masters for such buttons such as previous page/next page, course index and search on my master pages, so that's all fine and dandy as I don't need to move these elements. The way I have set up the calendar is that you click on the course name (a button) and a popup (also a button) shows up with a course description - I want to be able to move these popups so that they are the general vicinity of the course name button and not just floating about in the centre of the calendar.


      However, because course descriptions or what is offered in the course change frequently and I am expected to keep the calendar up to date, it doesn't seem efficient to have to manually change every description for a course popup that shows up several times throughout the year or even several times on a month. The issue is that even if I create the popups on the master page, as soon as I unlock them on my month pages and move them to where I want them to be...they'll no longer be affected by changes to the master.


      Is there some sort of function like in html/CSS where you can assign a class to a button or something? Or it is something that Indesign isn't capable of and I will just have to do it manually and try to be careful not to miss any courses when they are updated?


      Any help is appreciated!