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    Image not part of popup link

      I have an old WinHelp project that I am converting to HTML Help. The project opened up in RH6 HTML quite nicely, but the output generated from the new project has some issues. I have a few pages with small image 'buttons' to the left of a string. The whole line (image and string) are supposed to be linked to a popup topic. The old WinHelp file works properly - I can click on the image or text and the popup is shown. In the new help, my cursor turns to a 'hand' over both the string and button, but the popup only opens when I click the text. Looking at the HTML, both the image and string are part of the overall hyperlink. Is this something new with HTML help, or can the code be modified so the image can cause the popup as well?

      Here is code for one of the aforementioned image/text links: